The Eros Cuff is a versatile and adjustable cuff made to be worn on the arm, the wrist, or the ankle! It is woven out of a double persian sheet, creating a beautiful knit-like texture. Pair it with a second cuff to feel secure on all sides, or wear it alone, providing profound support wherever you need it most.


Please include with your order the measurement of either your arm, wrist, or ankle (whichever part of your body you most want to highlight). The piece will be made adjustable to accomodate 2" more in size for whatever measurement you provide.

Eros Cuff

  • Each product is handmade to order, and takes 1-4 weeks to complete. Standard shipping is available.

  • This product is made to order. As a note with your order (or in a separate email), please include the following measurements (in inches):

    • Wrist, neck, and/or ankle (circumference in inches)

    Note: this piece will be made to be adjustable within 2", please provide the measurement for the part of your body you most want to highlight (wrist, neck, or ankle), understanding that the cuff will be able to fit anything that is up to 2" larger in size.