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The Francesca Crop Top is comprised of four different weaves, and is made up of an intricate chainmail knit pattern.The rings are graduated, so the bottom of the top is made up of larger rings, creating the look of a chain knit. This top has adjustable shoulder straps, two supportive chest straps, and hangs slightly loose at the bottom. It can be worn layered over clothing or bare on the skin. The Francesca feels like true armor. 16g stainless steel o-rings; stainless steel closures.  Please include your bust measurement as a note with your order.

Francesca Crop Top

  • This is a specialty item, and takes 1-6 weeks to complete. All items are handmade to order, and standard shipping is available.

  • This product is made to order. As a note with your order (or in a separate email), please include the following measurements (in inches):

    • Bust: The circumference of your chest
    • Optional: Cup size
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