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The Lilith Harness feels like true body armor, clasping at the neck and waist. This piece was created with the intention of energetically holding your neck and stomach, making you feel held, as well as safe to speak out. Made of 14 gauge stainless steel, the Lilith Harness has a beautiful weight, making it feel supportive, delicate, and industrial in one. The entire harness is comprised of an intricate Japanese weave--a thick and supportive weave that wraps around the throat and waist. 


Please include relevant measurements (listed under "measurements") with your order.


14 gauge stainless steel; stainless steel closures

Lilith Harness

  • This is a specialty item, and takes 1-6 weeks to complete. All items are handmade to order, and standard shipping is available.

  • This product is made to order. As a note with your order (or in a separate email), please include the following measurements (in inches):

    • Neck (circumference in inches)
    • Waist (circumference in inches)
    • Length between base of neck and waist
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