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The Ophelia thong is a beautiful, layered thong comprised of two different weaves and stainless steel o-rings, featuring an intricate cross shape at the center, with delicate diagonal chains draping off onto the sides. Adjustable, and made with comfort in the mind, the thong can be layered over clothes or be worn bare on the skin.


16g stainless steel o-rings; stainless steel closures. 


Please include your waist measurement as a note with your order.

Ophelia Thong

  • This is a specialty item, and takes 1-6 weeks to complete. All items are handmade to order, and standard shipping is available.

  • This product is made to order. As a note with your order (or in a separate email), please include (in inches):

    • Waist measurement: The circumfrence of your waist
    • Length of the space between your waist and the bottom of your crotch 
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