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Meant to evoke the era of its namesake, the Tudor Collar feels divine, royal, and dramatic all. Its mythos comes from the unique baroque pearl that hangs at its center, charging the piece in its entirety.


The Tudor collar is made of a weave of our own creation, with smaller rings balanced and held in place by larger rings. The balance present in the weave speaks to the overall energy of this piece, which seeks to pair the extremely delicate alongside hefty, protective armor and steel.


Each collar is paired with a unique baroque freshwater pearl, evoking both the era of its namesake, as well as speaking to how precious and unique each of these collars are made to be.


Please include your neck measurement as a note with your order.


14 gauge stainless steel; stainless steel closures; freshwater baroque pearl

Tudor Collar

  • Please include your neck measurement with your order.

  • Each product is handmade to order, and takes 1-6 weeks to complete. Standard shipping is available.

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