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Venusian V, this ornate and indulgent design sits high on the waist, adorning the belly while holding you in a comfortable thong harness. This piece can be worn as divine and extravagent underwear, or worn over pants or bottoms to add whimsy to any outfit. The Harness was made to honor Venus, channeling a divine and ornate adornment, while aiming to create a feeling of being deeply held and safe in one's own body.


The Venusian Harness is comprised of many byzantine points, woven into a triangular sheet, and bound together by a Persian weave.


This piece pairs beautifully with the Rose Halter Top, its complementary sister.

Venusian Harness

  • This product is made to order. As a note with your order (or in a separate email), please include the following measurements (in inches):

    • Waist (circumference in inches)
    • Upper thigh (measure the circumference of your thigh at its highest point, just under your genitalia)
  • This is a specialty item, and takes 1-6 weeks to complete. All items are handmade to order, and standard shipping is available.

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